Manuhuia Barcham, PhD, Co-Founder & Organizer



Things aren’t working as they are. They’re not sustainable. We need to change. Common Cause Collective is part of that change.


  • Organizational Design

  • Service Design

  • Change Management

  • Strategic Foresight

  • Future-Oriented Design


Archetekt is a Strategic Design and Foresight practice. We work through design to craft intentional futures. Using future-oriented design principles we help increase organizations’ innovative and competitive qualities in a sustainable way.

Personal Project(s):

Working through the Future Family Project to ensure that our society’s systems, processes and ways of thinking are matched to the reality of the modern American family – in all it’s diverse and multi-faceted nature. Supporting native people’s work for their own advancement via digital means through the Digital Natives project.  And, raising my kids as digital natives – with all that entails…

Manuhuia Barcham