Kamal Patel, Organizer



I believe that designers have a lot of power and with that power comes the need for more responsible design thinking. I’m currently asking, how may we as designers zoom out to see our interconnectedness to our ecosystem and design from that place?


  • Systems Thinking & Mapping

  • Circular Economy

  • Just Transition

  • UX Design and Research

  • Transition Design

  • Service Design

  • Design Thinking Facilitation


Kamal uses design to build a shared language amongst many different stakeholders to help break down silos and build just solutions to a transitioning economy.

Skills include:

  • Systems Mapping and Clustering

  • Journey Mapping

  • Analysis and Synthesis

  • Design Thinking Reframing

  • Wireframing and Prototyping

  • Work with Development Teams

  • Iterative & Lean Timelining

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