The Responsibility Of Design: Transition Design Workshop


A Transition Design workshop designing systemic interventions to bring about a better future.

About This Event

What is responsible design? What does responsible design look like to you? How can one practice design responsibly?

Facilitated by a cross-discipline group of thought leaders, and using insights that emerged from our last two events, we'll continue to explore these questions together in our third event in this series.

Transition Design Workshop

We live in troubled times with a clear need for a societal transition to a more fair, equitable and just future. Designers can play a key role in that transition, but the design profession hasn’t fully prepared designers to face these complex systemic problems. Fortunately, there are a variety of different approaches that have been developed specifically to do this type of work in a responsible way. During this workshop participants will be introduced to one of these new ways of designing responsibly, transition design, and how it can be applied to intervene in a way toward a better future.

Workshop Co-Planners:

  • Dimeji Onafuwa, PhD in Transition Design
    Senior Researcher at Microsoft

  • Shimon Alkon, MA in Whole Systems Design
    Creative Director at Freelance.

  • Kamal Patel
    Civic & UX Designer at City of Seattle


  • Sarah Outhwaite
    Interaction Designer, Technologist, HCD

  • Caitlyn Phillips
    Experience Strategy, Innovation, Research & Transformation

  • Eric Lawrence
    Creative Director, UX Design, Visual Design

  • Jinna Hagerty
    Graphic Designer, Brand Strategist

  • Hannah Mello
    Strategic Communications, HCD, Brand & Organizational Leadership

  • Emma Riley
    Visual Design, Branding, Design Thinking


  • 6:00 - Social time

  • 6:15 - Introductions and Remarks

  • 6:25 - Design your Future Self

  • 6:35 - Wicked Problems

  • 7:10 - Future Visions

  • 7:45 - Break

  • 7:50 - Designing Interventions

  • 8:05 - Spatio-Temporal Matrix

  • 8:30 - Group Presentation

  • 8:50 - Wrap Up & Social Time

This event is being hosted by Common Cause Collective in partnership with AIGA Seattle and Intentional Futures.

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Date + Time

Wed, July 10, 2019


Intentional Futures
1501 East Madison Street, #500
Seattle, Wa 98122



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